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We consider menstrual cup an ideal mean to embrace female period. By having a common topic - the cup - regarding menstruation, women can develop a broader dialogue about the experience of menstruation and femininity per se and about women’s roles. By making menstruation something common, healthy, and desirable one creates deeper and better connection with one’ s own body.

Positive attitude towards our own bodies further helps us to strengthen our self-esteem and self-respect. Individuals with healthy self-perception create healthy relationships and healthy environment, and are less vulnerable when facing domestic violence, abuse, and manipulation. Through the promotion of the use of menstrual cups and the trainings we provide together with the cups, we strive to empower women and to help them create healthy psychological, social and natural environment not only for themselves, but also for their communities.

You can support this project as part of your purchase on our site. For each of our products the possibility to contribute € 2,00 or more CZK.

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