COUNTRY Mond menstrual cup

COUNTRY Mond menstrual cup

Be unique the same way as a country you live in. Use an original menstrual cup in national colours instead of uncomfotable pads or tampons and fully enjoy each and
every day. We manufacture the cup of a soft sanitary silicone with the hardness of 40 shore. It is safe and reliable and puts no restrictions on you. Using it you do not
generate any waste
and save a lot of money as well, because you can have one cup for several years.

Detailed description
€ 24,90
€ 19,90


Within the European Union:
Goods will be sent within 3 working days after recieving the payment. The normal delivery time is 5-10 business days.

Outside the European Union:
We ship the goods from the Czech Republic to the whole world within 3 days after recieving the payment. It is necessary to expect a longer delivery time outside the EU – The usual time is 15 to 30 days.

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Comparison of Classic and Soft / small and large
First cleaning, washing during menstruation and storage
Cup insertion and removal
Cups folding
Cup stem
Cleaning the dark cup
Assessed 2 users
I absolutely love my Yuuki cups, they are the perfect shore rating for comfort and usability. The capacity is very good. I love the stems too, although they are hollow there is decent grip. Just a great product to use.
  • Shore rating is spot on. Soft enough for comfort, firm enough to open easily and to stay in place when active.
  • No negatives.

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