Comparison of Classic and Soft / Small and Large

Comparison of Classic and Soft / Small and Large
Here you can choose from two hardnesses, or shore, and two sizes.
The SOFT version - it has a shore of 40 and is a softer cup - is ideal for more sensitive women who often also feel the tampon and the sensation of pressure. At the same time, they are suitable for women who don't have such a strong pelvic floor.
Version Classic - has a shore of 60 and is a harder cup - it is suitable for more active women who have a firmer pelvic floor. Also for women who have no problems using tampons.
Why is a harder cup better for sports?
If a woman tightens her pelvic muscles, a soft cup can easily sag and leak menstrual blood.
And how to choose cup sizes?
It is difficult to determine exactly which size will suit which of us. But there are basic landmarks that can guide us to the right choice.
The smaller size 1 is more suitable for girls and women before childbirth and of smaller stature.
The larger size 2 is ideal for women who have already given birth in the conventional way and women having a regular sex life.