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I love this cup (rainbow one) it is firm enough so i don't crush it when i am working out with my muscles durring weight training, but also soft enough to not push on my bladder. It is so easy to grab because the ridgets and easy to insert because of it's firmness. And the colors are sooo beautiful😍 i would love to see a pink/blue/green rainbow cup come out in the summer it would be sooo beautiful. Love this company and custumer service! Will deffinitely purchase more of them! Have a nice day!


I recently purchased a a yuuki after i had been trying to get a Lena to work  which would not  open at all for me BUT oh my goodness when I  got the yuuki classic I  got it in the first try it opened with no problem at all it went into position without a problem at all and I am a beginner with menstrual cups at 33 years old so thanks from a mom of 3 kids and  who is very active I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT and yeah when my cup wears down i wil buy another one 

Precious Stars Pads

Naked Sunday - I heart my Yuuki

Red Herring