Inserting and removing the cup


Using the cup is, after a little patience during the first introductions, comfortable and quick.
1. Wash your hands properly and fold the cup into the desired shape before the actual insertion. See the next video Folding the cup for possible folds.
2. Find the most comfortable position. This is most often squatting or sitting on the toilet.
3. Insert the folded cup into the vagina so that the bottom of the cup is about 1 cm from the vaginal entrance.
4. After insertion, the cup will unfold and adhere to the vaginal wall, creating a slight vacuum to ensure that the cup does not leak.
5. You can check this by gently twisting the cup, holding it by the scalloped base and gently pulling on it.
6. If the cup cannot be pulled out, a vacuum has built up, so you know the insertion was correct.
7. If the cup is easy to pull out, it probably did not expand properly and did not adhere to the vaginal wall. You need to try the insertion again. 

Everyone's menstruation is differently strong. Therefore, the exact time of removal of the cup cannot be determined.
The usual time to rinse the cup is between 4-8 hours. For light menstruation, this can be up to 12 hours.
Care must always be taken to keep your hands clean before handling the cup in any way. So the first step is always to wash them.
1. removing the cup is again easier to do while squatting.
The first attempts are good to do in the shower, for example, when you don't have to worry about spilling it outside.
2. Grasp the cup by the reinforced bottom with notches or the stem and gently remove the vacuum in the cup.
It is a good idea to use the inner muscles of the pelvic floor to pull it out by gradually tightening and loosening it.
3. after removal, pour out the cup, rinse it with water and you can reinsert it immediately.
If you want to wash the cup with soap, use only neutral detergents.
In case you do not have access to a sink in the toilet to rinse, it is a good idea to bring
a small bottle of water to rinse the cup.
And if you don't have water to flush with you, you can use a wet wipe or toilet paper.
You can do the bigger washing at home again in peace and quiet.