Menstrual cup made of silicone or TPE?

Have you also considered whether to buy a menstrual cup made of silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)?

Menstrual cups are made of silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Both of these materials are elastomers that are used in a variety of industries, including medical, food, automotive and consumer products. The main differences between a menstrual cup made from TPE and silicone are as follows:

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Material properties:
TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is a thermoplastic material that can be easily recycled and re-molded using heat. It has excellent elasticity and strength.
Silicone is the most common material for menstrual cups and is known for its higher resistance to deformation, which means it maintains its shape even when squeezed or bent. TPE is also elastic, but is generally softer than silicone. Silicone has excellent resistance to chemicals and is biocompatible, meaning it is often used in the medical and food industries.
TPE is commonly used in a variety of applications such as tool handles, gaskets, packaging and other consumer goods.
Silicone is often used in medical implants, baking molds, gaskets, tubing and other products that require high heat and chemical resistance.
TPE is more temperature sensitive than silicone and can be easily molded and recycled.
Silicone is generally more difficult to process and requires specialised technologies for moulding and curing.
TPE is usually more affordable than silicone. For this reason, TPE cups should be less expensive.
Maintenance and cleaning:
Both of these materials are safe and easy to clean. Silicone cups are usually more stain resistant and can withstand higher sterilization temperatures. TPE cups are softer and more prone to stains.
Sensitivities and allergies:
Some women may have sensitivities or allergic reactions to certain substances. Silicone is generally less likely to cause allergic reactions than TPE. If you are sensitive to any of these materials, it is best to consult your doctor before choosing a cup.

When choosing between a cup made of TPE and silicone, it is important to consider your individual needs and preferences. You should also always follow the manufacturer's instructions for use, cleaning and maintenance of the cup to ensure its longevity and safety.