Yuuki Menstrual Cup Review

The Yuuki Menstrual Cup has a very high 4.4/5 star rating on Amazon . It’s made in the Czech Republic from the highest quality medical grade silicone manufactured in Germany. The Yuuki Menstrual Cup is a quality product from a company that has been around for years, making it an excellent choice for period cup.

People are Saying on Amazon:

  • “It opens really easily, unlike some of the other cups I’ve tried.”
  • “It’s nice and soft which is much better for my body than the Diva Cup.”
  • “It never leaks unless you forget to empty it.”

Two Sizes of Yuuki Menstrual Cup:

The Yuuki Cup is a bit unusual in that there are two levels of firmness: classic and soft. Additionally, there are two sizes:

Small Yuuki Cup-Smaller/younger women who haven’t given birth vaginally and have lighter flows (24 ml capacity).

Large Yuuki Cup-Older women who have given birth vaginally and have heavier flows (37 ml capacity).

Yuuki Menstrual Cup Pros:

  • The Yuuki Cup comes with an “infuser box,” which is designed to make cleaning your menstrual cup really easy. Simple put the cup in the box, fill it with water and microwave it for 5 minutes. Wait until it cools, take our your period cup, air it out and put it away until next month!
  • The price. You can get either size in a package with 2 menstrual cups (soft + classic) plus an infuser box. Try both of them out and see which model works best for you.
  • The classic one snaps into place really easily and seems particularly good at preventing leaks.
  • The large cup has a huge capacity of 37 ml (compare to: Moon Cup Large 28 ml, Lunette Cup Large 30 ml). This makes it an excellent choice for women with heavy periods. See: Menstrual Cup and Heavy Periods for more recommendations.
  • The Yuuki Cup has a 4.7/5 star rating on Amazon, which is particularly high in the menstrual cup world.

Yuuki Menstrual Cup Cons:

Some women said that the infuser box didn’t work well and boiled over. Perhaps they were adding too much water? Whatever the case, don’t buy the Yuuki cup based solely on that. It’s easy enough to clean a menstrual cup without one of these. See: Menstrual Cup Cleaning. Even the small one has a relatively long length of 67 mm, making it not suitable for someone with a low cervix. Consider the Femmy Cycle Low Cervix instead.

The Takeaway:

The Yuuki Menstrual Cup is an excellent product at a great price and from a reputable company. It’s made in Europe from the highest quality materials according to the strictest standards. Women that use the Yuuki Cup seem to love it and rave about how it doesn’t leak, when others like the Diva Cup have. It’s certainly a good choice, particularly the package that come with both classic and soft cups for you to see which ones works better for your body.

More information: http://reusablemenstrualcup.com/menstrual-cup-reviews/yuuki-menstrual-cup-review/