MIX - four colourless menstrual cups (soft + classic)

The set of four transparent menstrual cups offers you a mix of two hardnesses Soft and Classic and two sizes. This set of menstrual cups is for women who are still undecided about whether to choose a harder or softer cup or a larger or smaller cup.

Package contents

  • four menstrual cups SOFT and CLASSIC (2x smaller, 2x larger),
  • green INFUSER BOX disinfecting box,
  • packaging with instructions,
  • and a free gift - a small brush (1x) for easy cleaning holes


Within the European Union:
Goods will be sent within 3 working days after recieving the payment. The normal delivery time is 5-10 business days.

Outside the European Union:
We ship the goods from the Czech Republic to the whole world within 3 days after recieving the payment. It is necessary to expect a longer delivery time outside the EU – The usual time is 15 to 30 days.

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€ 49,90
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Finančně výhodný
Financial benefit
the amount used to get the cup will return within 5-8 months at the maximum
Zdravotně nezávadný
Medical grade silicon
with certificates - no risk of infection, allergic reaction or toxic shock syndrome
Vhodný pro sport a cestování
No Limitation
absolute comfort of use, suitable for sports and activities of all kinds
the Czech silicone cup has a lifetime of 5 to 15 years