Experiences of young girls in Tibet

A young girl from Tibet shared with us her first experience with the Yuuki cup.


My name is Choeyang Tso. I came from Tibet in 1995 and I got admitted to TCV school. When I came to school, I was only five years old. I don’t recall much about my journey from Tibet to India because I was very young during that time. I am a full bright student of TCV. With the blessings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, I have received free education from TCV school, Upper. I studied commerce from TCV Bylakuppe during high school +2 and I did graduation from Delhi University to acquire Bachelors in Commerce. I was graduated in 2013 and I did further studies in Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Operations. Due to lack of opportunities in banking sector as I don’t have Indian citizen, I had to move my career goal to Accountant since there were more scopes during that time. Since than I started working as an Accountant from year 2015. Currently I owned a café and working as a freelance accountant.

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My Yuuki story starts with a conversation. I met Tereza through one of our mutual friends. I decided to work with her as a project coordinator for her founding NGO Hi52Life. Her ideas were brilliant and since being a benefitted student of TCV. I always wanted to do something for my community and to give back. Her project is an opportunity for me to contribute towards my community. Main goals of Hi52Life are to support skilled children and young people on their life’s journey, mother earth in every class, social and legal awareness, Menstruation: Health and Modern Tools, Medical therapy, Eco friendly hygiene and Flowers in every class room. Understanding of all the project and starting it from TCV Upper. I felt very blessed to work on it. And I came to know that Yuuki is the brand we are collaborating on menstrual cup. Tereza gave me Yuuki menstrual cup as a gift for a trial use.

First time, when I used it, I faced difficulties and pain while inserting it inside. I felt nervous and anxious. Later on, we gave presentation to TCV students on Menstrual Hygiene and its modern tools. Along with TCV presentation, I have also learnt how to use it properly, maintain its cleanliness and not be anxious about it. On my second use, I started to feel better and more comfortable. I usually have a heavy flow specially during the night time and always gets my bed dirty. Due to which, I have trouble sleeping and anxious of getting stains keeps me up all night.

After using Yuuki menstrual cup, I started to feel much better, feel less anxious. I had a different experience of my period days. I have also learnt that; menstrual cup contributes a huge impact on our environment. It has become my go to product of my time of the month. Thanks to Tereza for introducing menstrual cup in my life and teaching us proper ways to use it. I am definitely going to recommend it to other women and encourage women to use it for better hygiene and for the environment.