Extreme race JIBE-JAHA

I love a challenge and especially after 6 years of parenting, and having an adventurous husband, I am very close to those challenges. This year we organized the first edition of the longest winter ultramarathon in Europe called JIBE JAHA - JIzerky-BEskydy, JAblonec - HAvířov, where you can race on a course of 300 km and 600 km, on skis or on foot, where you take everything you need either in a backpack or on a sled. Sleep at your discretion in huts, shelters, on the snow. Since I'm the organizer, I formed a relay with two other racers, and so we each had 100km to go to reach the 300km finish line.

This wasn't my first time doing a race like this, I've done the Yukon Arctic Ultra where we experienced -50°C, or the long Ironman triathlons where you alternate swim, bike, run for the uninitiated.

I like endurance races that are often several days long, so any additional discomfort is out of place, let alone having your period come out on the day of the race. In fact, it has always worked out somehow, but not this time, and on the first day of the race. Well, what can I do, I packed up Yuuki and my menstrual panties and hoped it would work out somehow.

The weather was exceptionally ultra ugly, because if it's ultra, it's with everything. We started from Jablonec dam, 10:00 am accompanied by snowfall, which gradually turned into rain. We even experienced a snow storm somewhere around Jizerka, when it was thundering and lightning, we were soaked to the bone and since I was going "only" 100 km, I had almost no spare clothes. Luckily mother nature and my body understood that I would be dealing with other things than possible stomach aches, so thanks to Yuuki I didn't even know I was having my day and could focus on my feet burning from my ski boots or my back hurting from pulling the sled behind me. I was glad for every stop, so seeing Vosecká after 45 km was very appealing, just to give you an idea I walked the last km for about 45 min, plus got stuck in the snow and experienced strong winds in the form of a hurricane. We reached Vsecka around 11 pm and I was happy to eat and rest.

Not having a shower for 3 days counts, so I consider inventions like menstrual cups and panties a huge comfort for all adventurous women, mothers, ladies...

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The hurricane didn't let up in the morning, but it was impossible to wait any longer, so I set off with other competitors in the direction of Vrbatovka. My husband, who with two other racers had completed this section in the dark, had a cruel moment when he couldn't even see the poles that show you the direction and had to navigate with his phone. Luckily we could see the direction, but it was still an indescribable experience!

The next destination was Spindler's Mill where there was a checkpoint with hot food and kind words from our Trail Angeles (Aunt Vera). Here we were hesitant to continue on, as we were honestly devastated both physically and mentally from what Krakonoš had treated us to the previous night and morning, but my adventurous soul wanted to keep going, so we headed on to Klinovka, where we regenerated again and got up in the morning in admittedly freezing but sunny weather.

In Horní Maršov I handed over the GPS tracker to another brave woman, Lenka and Vitek, and for this year I finished my 100 km adventure.

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But it left such a strong impression on me that if my organizing duty and my children allow me, I will be at the start again next year! I'm already looking forward to it!

Just two panties and one cup and you can do JIBE JAHA

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