Yuuki cup Classic small, aka "the rock", review

After my fright with both my Si-Bell cups, I decided I definitely wanted a more firm cup, ahum, make that a very firm cup! My next cup certainly would not be allowed to do ! (:

It was thanks to someone asking on a menstrual cup comparison on a menstrual cup page on facebook that I found out that the most firm cup existing should be the Yuuki Classic. At that moment I was really, really desperate and in shock, so I went straight to Femininewear to order it :) ! I felt so relieved to learn that, indeed, there existed this really, really firm cup I was looking after! I'm so grateful I found it and was able to buy it! How great it is that in helping someone else, I got the help I needed myself as well :D

Yuuki cup also have their own website! I did not know that when I ordered my Yuuki. Otherwise, I might have gotten it of there, since they offer combination packs that allow you to either try two different sizes of cups or two different firmnesses, which is not only practical but economical too!

About the small Yuuki:

  • made of firm, high-grade medical silicone
  • comes in an infuser made of hard plastic
  • very firm cup
  • 4 pronounced grip rings at the base
  • 4 grip rings on the stem
  • flexible and hollow stem
  • height of the cup is 67 mm (stem included)
  • external diameter is 42 mm
  • holds 13 ml to the safety ring (just beneath the air suction release holes)
  • holds 24 ml up to the rim


The Yuuki Classic comes with an infuser box to instead of a cotton pouch. An infuser?

It's a plastic box especially designed to be used in the microwave to boil, and thus sterilize!, your menstrual cup. In the microwave, the box lets steam escape through the Yuuki holes in the top. When your not wearing your cup, you can also store your Yuuki in this box. Thanks to the Yuuki holes in the top, it is not airtight, so no nasty things can develop and your cup is safely stored until your next period!

The Yuuki infuser box is 3.75” tall and 2.5” wide. It holds approximately 250ml. On the box itsself are the instructions for how many water you need to boil your cup (varies for the small and large) and on which wattage you have to put your microwave.

The infuser is available in two colours, green, the one I have as green is my favourite colour! :p, and a very pretty dark reddish-pink (strawberry-like).

My opinion


I forgot to mention that, before my period started, I had already tried my 'rock' on a so-called 'dry-run', i.e. wearing your cup while not on your period just to get the feel of it and try it out. I was so excited from finally owning a decently firm cup that I just could not refrain myself :p I just had to try it, like yesterday! :D I thus boiled it first to sterilize it and then the fun could begin! It felt so comfortable I even forgot taking it out before bed, only to wake up and realize I had, for the first time ever!, slept wearing a menstrual cup! If you know I have always been a bit reluctant to wear a menstrual cup to bed. I do not like the idea of the blood being able to float around freely inside my belly for 8 hours or more with no escape route : ). But I guess the Yuuki just is really so comfortable to me that I could forget I was wearing it while not even being on my period :p

On my period

After having heard so many complain about that it was so firm and that it was too hard for them, I was really apprehensive about it and really hesitant to give it a try, but now I'm so thrilled I did! I LOVE the fact that the Yuuki Classic Small is so firm!

I was so enthusiastic about finally being able to try such a firm cup, that when my period started, I immediately boiled my Yuuki again and put it in! After having tried it for one day, I was so happy with it, that I used my 'rock' my entire period, even one night as well (just to try if I would leak or not, it will be only a one-timer do when testing cups to be able to give overnight-advice as I'm always worried for the blood being able to roam around freely inside of me, while, during daytime, it is collected in the cup).

I liked it's firmness?

I did! Admittedly, it is firm, but I could not feel it once it was inside, I got it to pop open like a dream and it stayed in place very well. On regular days I never ever had any leaks. I was so happy :D On heavy days, however, I noticed that I leaked. Assuming that my cup was full I took it out only to come to the conclusion that it was only half full :O I was puzzled. It could not be anything wrong with my cup as it weren't even filled to the holes! Luckily, I came across a post describing someone having a similar problem as mine on a facebook page concerning menstrual cups. It said that it is possible that your cervix can sit in your cup, which gives it less capacity and causes you to leak. I'm sure this is what happened to me to and I am glad that I now that such a thing exists so I can share it with you!

Overall, I just love my Yuuki Classic small, however, something I do not like about it, is its stem. I really don't. First, it's hollow and therefore it traps blood, which is a hassle to get out on (quick!) refills, fibers when it's not being used, and water. After boiling, it's filled up with hot water, which is not nice because, when after boiling my cup, I want to take it out of the water, but have to be extremely careful in order not to get burnt. It also traps cold water when cleaning in between refills and cleaning after removal to store it for the night or till your next period. Between refills, if you forget to pinch the water out, it will get you wet on reinsertion, the water first dribbling drown your cup, hand and then leg, ugh. After removal, if you forget to pinch it out, the water will remain in the stem until you squish it out!

Second, it's quite thick and in the beginning it used to stab me and made me feel sore. I did not dare to trim it as i have a heigh cervix and I was afraid that, after trimming it, I would not be able to get hold of my cup again when it was time to take it out. I thus did not trim it and I was lucky because after a while the stem no longer disturbed me internally!

Not all is bad about the Yuuki's stem though! I like the fact that it has got 4 grip rings. They make it very easy to get a good hold of the stem upon cup removal! It's also not too flexible as that it would stretch the whole way and then be catapulted back if you accidentally let it slip and get hit hard... : )

I would love for the Yuuki to be available in a coloured version also, as due to it being clear, it is prone to discoloration. I'm not that bothered by it though, as I recently discovered that it's possible to stain-treat it! (will follow how!). I have to mention that, on the other side, I also like the fact the Yuuki is clear because it allows you to see exactly how much you've bled and if everything seems to be normal. It can be done with a coloured cup too, though a bit more difficult.

Would I recommend the Yuuki Classic size small?

I would recommend the Yuuki Classic small for sure! I love it. To me, it's one of the greatest cups I've tried so far. It really fits my needs for a firm, good-sitting cup.

Although, you may need to consider this:
If you are a heavy bleeder, or on a heavy day, you may need to empty this little fellow a few times extra, especially if your cervix wants to take a bath in your cup :p. Or maybe, you could try the Yuuki Classic large? :p
Stem-wise, it depends. In my opinion, the advantages of the Yuuki Classic size small outweigh the disadvantages of its (to me!) not so great stem, you can also cut it if your cervix is low enough for you to grab your cup without it, but if you are one to be more bothered by such a thing you might better go for another cup.

Thus, overall, in my opinion, if you are looking for a very firm resistance cup, the Yuuki Classic is worth the while to try! It definitely is a 'Classic'! ;-)

More information: http://livelaughlovelifediaries.weebly.com/blog/yuuki-cup-classic-aka-the-rock-review