Menstrual panties - Convenient pack of 3 pcs

Menstrual panties - Convenient pack of 3 pcs

Yuuki menstrual panties are designed for comfortable and discreet wear during menstruation. The panties have an elegant design. When wearing, no one will know you are not wearing regular panties. Yuuki panties have an extended insert in the front and back to the top hem of the panties, making them different from most competitors. The absorbent layer is sandwich type, composed of three layers. The first layer comes in contact with the skin and wicks away moisture. The second layer is absorbent. It traps menstrual blood. The third layer is an impermeable membrane. The pad is able to hold up to 2-3 tampons.

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제품은 입금 후 3일 이내에 배송이 시작되며, 도착하는데 5 ~ 10일 정도 걸립니다. (휴일 제외)

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제품을 체코에서 입금 확인 후 3일 이내에 전세계로 보냅니다. 유럽 연합 외 지역에서는 통상 15 ~ 30일 정도의 배송시간이 예상됩니다.

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Who are they suitable for

The Yuuki menstrual panties are perfect for young girls during their first menstruation. The panties do not suffer from the problems of pads, such as bunching, unsticking of the wings or misplacement with tampons, and the fear of possible unpleasant situations is eliminated. Thanks to the high absorption, you don't need to change your panties as often as pads and tampons and still feel comfortable and dry.

Many women also use menstrual panties as an incontinence aid.

Benefits of Yuuki menstrual panties

·        High absorption capacity - holds a lot of blood

·        Dark liner extended from the front and back to the top of the panties

·        Quality of workmanship

·        Comfortable to wear

·        Attractive but subtle design

·        Certified by the National Institute of Health

Body: 88% nylon, 12% elastan, spandex

Lining: 95% cotton, 5% elastan, spandex

Middle: 95% cotton, 5% elastan, spandex, TPU

Maintenance: wash at 30°C, do not iron, do not bleach, do not dry in the dryer

Wash before the first use.

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