Certificate - Czech product

The next step for a better Yuuki cup is over. We are very pleased to show the certificate of origin of our products.

Here are the points that the Yuuki Cup had to meet to get the Czech Product Certificate:

1. The product is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

2. At least 50% of the raw materials or components are originating in the Czech Republic or for products whose raw materials or components cannot be obtained in the Czech Republic, the emergence of a new product made from these raw materials or components, ie not only repackaging.

4. The manufacturer is registered in the Czech Republic and pays taxes and levies determined by the state, to which it is obliged under the law of the Czech Republic, especially social and health insurance, adheres to environmental standards of the law of the Czech Republic.

5. The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that products bearing the “Czech Product” trademark are of adequate quality, safe and wholesome.

6. The manufacturer has obtained a license to use the Czech Product trademark for specific products.

7. The manufacturer is obliged to allow the inspection of the conditions at the place of production and during the use of the mark.

It is possible to produce quality products in many countries, but by making our products in the Czech Republic, we eliminate the negative impact of transport on the environment and support employment in the Czech Republic.

We believe that you will love our Yuuki cups and it will serve you to your satisfaction.

YUUKI team