The topic of menstruation, understanding how it is possible to perceive the days during the cycle, to experience them with the feeling that we are directly involved in the cycle, is a project that supports girls and their environment in every aspect.

We are delighted that the Hi52life Foundation approached us and gave us the opportunity to provide menstrual cups to gifted girls and young women who would otherwise not be able to provide them for themselves. Together with high quality presentations on menstruation given by experienced people, consultations with doctors and the support of documentaries discussing the same, we enable young gifted girls in schools and nuns in monasteries to use modern tools to accept menstruation as a normal part of everyday life.
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Supports gifted children and adolescents on their journey through life

This foundation selects projects that help skilled children and develop their intellectual and social intelligence with an overlap into ecology and global understanding of the world and the ability to navigate it with ethical principles and life balance.

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These projects and the specific children they support are carefully selected with an emphasis on ethical values and responsibility to their donors.

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You can also support this project with your purchase on our website. For each of our products, there is an option to contribute €2 or more.