Menstruation is no secret

It's part of our lives. Menstruation is a natural physiological phenomenon experienced by most women of reproductive age. It is part of a woman's body and health.

Talking about menstruation without shame can help in educating young people. Good awareness can lead to a better understanding of the menstrual cycle, reproductive health, and disease prevention.

Open communication about menstruation can help to identify and treat menstrual-related problems such as endometriosis, dysmenorrhoea or menstrual cycle disorders.

The constant stigma around menstruation can hurt women's self-esteem and mental health. Open discussion and acceptance of the topic can reduce this stigma and help women feel more comfortable with their bodies.

In societies where menstruation is still something of a taboo, women may be restricted in their access to sanitary products, which can have health and social consequences.

It's great that women nowadays have choices in menstrual aids. Each of us has individual needs and preferences. Whether it is ecological or economic reasons, convenience and comfort, health aspects...

In different situations, it may be more appropriate to use different aids. For example, when playing sports or swimming, a cup will be better than a tampon and pads. The cup is not associated with a dry or wet feeling like tampons or pads, which is more comfortable, especially when wearing tight clothing that can accentuate these uncomfortable feelings.

It is therefore important nowadays that menstruation is seen as a normal and natural phenomenon, and should be openly discussed and respected in society.