Intimate soap - with attestation

Intimate soap - with attestation

It serves for prevention or suppresses the primary symptoms of gynaecological disorders.
The soap is very foamy and velvety and its composition is antibacterial and antiseptic; it improves immunity of intimate body parts and induces feeling of cleanness and freshness. Yoghurt is a good first aid against vaginal discharge. It contains lactobacilli that prevent bacterial or yeast infection from spreading. Honey is a natural antiseptic agent. The medicinal herbs and macerates contained in it potentiate the Nature's ability to soothe, heal, disinfect, mitigate and strengthen own immunity. Neem oil is a strong natural antibiotic, very efficient for treatment of skin diseases and inflammations. Essential oils are chosen in order to support treatment of vaginal problems. 

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They do not cure prolonged gynaecological problems.

The soap does not contain any preservatives, colourants and chemicals; the ethereal oils are of the highest quality.

The soap has positive response from customers also with regard to foot skin problems.


  • OLIVE OIL - camomile macerate - soothing and healing
  • COCONUT OIL - ideal for dry and sensitive skin.
  • PALM OIL - spruce needle macerate - supports and provides vitality, supports immunity and supports and stabilizes in general; soothes pain; has distinctive antiseptic effect
  • CASTOR OIL - greasing and hydrating effects
  • NEEM OIL - probably the best product available at present for treatment of psoriasis. It hydrates and protects the skin, helping to cure other injuries as well. It is appropriate for dry, squamous or irritated skin. It is recognized for its strong antiseptic properties. It mitigates itching and pain, helps against inflammations, contains special ingredients like nimbin, nimbidin, nimbidol, gedunin, sodium nimbinate, quercetin, salannin and azadirachtin with unique effects on the skin; it has high contents of fat acids, softening and moistening the skin (oleic acid 52,8%, stearic acid 21,4%, palmitic acid 2,6%, linolenic acid 2,1% and various lower fat acids). It contains vitamin E and essential amino acids; it has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties; it has beautifying effects; it supports wound healing and creation of collagen fibres.
    1. caring skin and massage oil, appropriate for all skin types. It suits for care for fine, very sensitive skin; it is the best oil for baby skin
    2. It is quickly absorbed by the skin, nourishing and softening it. It contains provitamin A and a significant proportion of linolenic acid (25-30%). It has light structure and is appropriate for very dry and sensitive skin.
  • RICE OIL - has softening properties, is easily absorbed; it is appropriate for children, for sensitive skin; it prevents acne, pimples, eczemas; it contains vitamin E; it is more efficient than lanolin.
  • SHEA BUTTER - rich in vitamins; it hydrates, nourishes, regenerates; it is antiinflammatory; it protects the skin against sunlight; it has softening effect; it prevents loss of water; it is appropriate for sensitive, irritated skin; it is appropriate for children, for psoriasis and damaged skin.
  • GRAPE SEED OIL - it improves creation of collagen and elastin; it contains proteins; it has softening properties; it acts against free radicals.
  • ALMOND OIL - it is particularly rich in vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fat acids; it is appropriate for all skin types, particularly for ageing and dry skin with tendency to flaking, itching and chapping; it does not provoke allergic reactions; it soothes the skin; it provides natural softness and smoothness; it mitigates symptoms of psoriasis, acne, eczemas of different origin; it penetrates actively into subcutis, hydrates and regenerates; it heals sunbathing burns; it soothes baby skin.
  • YOGHURT - it has mitigating effects and suppresses itching; it is appropriate against yeast infection.
  • HONEY - it nourishes and hydrates; it has antibacterial and toning properties; it acts as disinfection agent and antioxidant; it regenerates dry and faded skin; it supports healing and cure of acne; it is ideal for sensitive skin. It is one of the strongest natural hydration substances; it contains inhibin acting against bacteria growth, which makes an important antiseptic agent of honey; it is used to mitigate burns and scrapes; it contains minerals, vitamins B, C, D, E and flavonoids that protect us against free radicals; it softens and smooths rough and chapped skin; it smooths wrinkles and strengthens the skin; honey is a natural medicine, an excellent helper against acne.
    TEA TREE - appropriate against vaginal discharge; antibacterial, antifungal
    BERGAMOT - appropriate against vaginal discharge
    SAGE - appropriate against vaginal discharge
    LEVANDER - strengthens intimate body parts; antiseptic
    BLUE CAMOMILE - has antiinflammatory and disinfectant effect; accelerates wound healing
    PALMAROSA - appropriate against cystitis; efficient against bad odour; antibacterial, antifungal
    GERANIUM - improves immunity. It has adstringent effects; it regenerates, acts as deodorant and tonic. Effects on psyche: It improves female self-confidence.
  • DRIED MEDICINAL HERBS: - finely ground
    plantain - antiinflammatory and antiseptic effects
    sage - adstringent and disinfectant effects, natural antibiotic
    camomile - soothes and heals
    thyme - cures inflammatory processes
    mallow (Malva mauritiana) - detoxifying and antiseptic effects

Weight: 100 g (+/- 3g)

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