There’s no risk of toxic shock syndrome with the cup

You’re sure to have heard of toxic shock syndrome, associated with using tampons. Do you know what causes it and what the symptoms are?

Many women use tampons because they are more convenient than panty liners. However, they do pose the risk of what is known as toxic shock syndrome. This dangerous disease is caused by bacteria that multiply inside absorbent materials - in tampons.

Symptoms of toxic shock syndrome

  • severe flu
  • aching muscles
  • stomach cramps
  • head and neck pain
  • sudden rise in body temperature above 39 °C, diarrhoea and vomiting
  • sudden drops in pressure and rapid heartbeat, often accompanied by a feeling of weakness
  • dizziness
  • rash (on various parts of the body or just in the armpit, groin area)

It is different with the cups. They are made from medical grade silicone – this is a completely different material, which does not absorb blood, but “collects” it. It has also been certified by the State Health Institute, which tested the possible adverse biological effects of the material upon contact with skin.

Naturally, this high quality is reflected in the price, which might seem high. However, this is essentially a "one-off" investment, as when handled and stored properly the cup can easily last for up to 10 years, or even all your life.

Advantages of medical grade silicone

  • it is neutral
  • it does not dry out the mucosa
  • it keeps the vagina naturally healthy
  • it does not contain any bleach or chemicals
  • it is not impregnated with deodorants (unlike panty liners)

Their properties mean that menstrual cups are recommended for women with vaginal mycosis and eczema.

If you use tampons, you should certainly not underestimate these symptoms. However, menstrual cups are definitely a healthier and more economical alternative. They’re also just as comfortable and do not restrict you in any way – see for yourself.