What can you do in the mountains when there is no snow?


There are many activities you can do in the mountains even without snow. Here are some ideas:

Hiking: Grab your hiking boots and go for a hike.

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Cycling: If you like cycling, you can hire a bike and ride along the cycle paths.

Climbing: If you like adrenaline and heights, you can try your hand at climbing activities.

Horse riding: Horse riding is offered in some mountain regions. You can book a guided ride and enjoy nature from horseback.

Photography: Take your camera with you and explore the surroundings to capture the breathtaking landscapes.

Picnic: Have a picnic with family or friends in the great outdoors. Bring a blanket and good food and sit outside.

Wellness and relaxation: Many mountain resorts offer wellness facilities such as saunas, swimming pools or massages. Treat yourself to a day of rest and relaxation.

Use the mountain railways and take a trip to the mountain peaks.

Running: You can take part in organised runs or simply enjoy a relaxed run.

Ferratas: Some mountain regions offer ferratas, which are secured climbing routes that provide a great adrenaline rush.

Orienteering: An orienteering run can be organised in the mountains using a map and compass. It's great fun and a challenge for groups or families.

Picnic on the summit: If access to the top of the mountain is possible, take a picnic basket with you and enjoy the view from the summit during your picnic.

Fishing: If lakes or rivers are accessible in the mountains, you can go fishing. Enquire in advance about permits and fishing regulations in the region.

Geocaching: Go on adventurous excursions to discover hidden caches in the mountains.

These activities help you to explore the mountain world even without snow. Bear in mind that offers may vary depending on the mountain area, so you should check availability and options in advance.