Which cup size to choose?

Perhaps you’ve decided to try a menstrual cup but are not sure which cup size is ideal for you? Here’s the answer.

Cups sizes are indicated by numbers.

Size number 1 is a small cup for young girls and women who have not yet given birth.
Cup number 2 (bigger cup) is designed for any woman who has already given birth, as well as for women with a regular sex life and women over the age of 28.

The size can be found on the upper edge of each cup (opposite the Yuuki logo) and is marked as either number 1 or 2.

Cup sizes

To get a better idea you can compare the sizes of both cups.

Image 2

Cup No. 1 (smaller)

  • cup length including stem: 67 mm (49 mm excluding stem)
  • cup width (diameter): 41 mm
  • total volume of cup: 24 ml
  • safe volume of cup: 14 ml - up to safety ring
  • cup volume up to air vents: 17.5 ml
Image 3

Cup No. 2 (larger)

  • cup length including stem: 75,4 mm (57,4 mm excluding stem)
  • cup width (diameter): 46 mm
  • total volume of cup: 37 ml
  • safe volume of cup: 24 ml - up to safety ring
  • cup volume up to air vents: 28 ml

Of course, it is not possible to specify the size each woman needs. The figures are approximate and depend on a range of factors.

Our recommendations

If you’re unsure, we recommend buying the bigger cup. If the cup is too big, you can save it for the future and buy the smaller cup.

Unfortunately, for reasons of hygiene we are unable to exchange a used menstrual cup, as we’re sure you’ll understand.

Our range includes two types of cup - Classic and Soft. We have started selling the Soft cup in response to customers who found the Classic cup unsuitable.

We’re sure you now have a clear idea of which size to choose. If you have any further questions, contact us.

Image 1

With a little patience, inserting the cup is comfortable and quick, even during the first few times. We’ve prepared a few tips for you to make it easier to start using the cup.