Experience Jigme Wangmo with Yuuki cup

Miss Jigme Wangmo from Tibet is finding her way to Yuuki menstrual cups.


My name is Jigme Wangmo. I am from Ladakh – Nubra Valley. I am fifteen years old and currently I am studying in Upper TCV school, class 9. I joined Kindergarten from age 3 at Lamdon model school and studied there till my middle school. My father is a teacher and my mother rans a small stationery shop at Ladakh. After class 10, I wanted to join commerce stream to earn profit. Because my inspiration is Mother Teresa. Just like her, I wanted to start my own NGO in future. I am also interested in Chef.

The menstruation is the natural bodily process of releasing blood and associated matter from the vagina as the part of menstrual cycle. It is an important and beautiful moment in a girl’s life. Meeting the need of safe appropriate hygiene absorbent and high-quality cozy material is very necessary. There are wide ranges of menstrual absorbent materials under many brands or types but when I got my first period, my mother introduces me to the pads because she believed it is the best and safest absorbent. So, I remained unknown about the other product like tampons or cups.

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I never complained but sincerely I never like using pads specially to school and during football match because it always keeps me in great anxiety that my period blood will stain on my pants and other will make fun plus it gives me blister and rashes whenever I do exercise or participate in sports during periods. So, it was a big problem. One day, scrolling through internet. I saw period cup and filled my search box with the information about how to use it, clean it, about safety and many more. It didn’t take me long to decide that I should at least give it a try so I ordered the product. I started using the product for the first time but it got stuck inside and I was so scared to use it again.

After meeting Tereza and educating us on menstrual cup, I started using menstrual cup again which I bought. I came up with an idea of inserting thread at the bottom of the menstrual cup. Just like tampon. It gave me confidence that it will not get lost inside.

After few weeks from presentation date, I decided to do volunteer for Hi52Life and I received Yuuki menstrual cup. Yuuki menstrual cup is high quality silicon and better packing and easy to maintain as compare to other brands. But when I tried it for the first time, it was too big for me since I was using a much smaller size cup. I raised my concerns to Tereza. She told me, she will find a solution for it. If Yuuki could create smaller sizes menstrual cup for teenage girls, I would definitely want to try it. But I will keep on using menstrual cup as my go to product for my period days. The main reason why I prefer cup over pads is because I like playing sports a lot. And wearing pads, I cannot enjoy as well as playing sport is quite uneasy. With cups, I feel more safe and secure.