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We recieved again nice review from Nallely.

My experience:

This was my very first month with this cup, and I have to say I am very pleased with it. I'm 28 years old so I use the size 1 cup in classic and soft.

I like the firmness of the classic for "heavy" days while I practice sports, it opens really fast and easy as soon as you let go the cup it opens. It firmness doesn't allow you to try many folds but it works for me. Makes me feel so comfortable and I don't have to worry about accidents.

The soft one is more flexible and you can try many different folds, I like to use this one on my very lasts day when I barely bleed, its soft but firm enough for me so my pelvic muscles don't crush it.
I don't really have a heavy flow, I don't fill the cup even if I wear them all day long, so for now, im good with the size 1. Didn´t have the courage to try the size 2 I feel is too big for me.

with either cup, I don't feel anything inside of me, it makes it so comfortable to be able to practice sports or go swimming and you actually forget about been in your period.

Due to is a cup that has no color, eventually over time (many years of use) the blood will stain the cup, but this won't affect its function.

You can also cut the stem if you need to and won't damage the cup. I didn´t have to cut it as it fits perfectly on me because I have a high cervix.

This is a perfect cup for somene who practice lots of sports or for someone who is starting using a menstrual cup.

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