Soft or Classic? That is the question ....

You as a valued customers are increasingly interested in the difference between those two cups and ask advice which would be better for you. Well, I'm going to say: "It depends ..."

Just let me remind you the main difference. It is in the hardness of cup - shore. Classic has the shore 60 and Soft has 40. Our Classic is one of the harder ones on the market.

And now what to consider before you make the final decision about cups. I will talk from my own experience. To be certain that the cup does not leak make sure that it opens correctly after inserting and that it adheres to the vaginal walls. When I started to use cups and I had no experience with them. A Classic (harder) cup was just the best for me because of its hardness. Classic cup immediately opens without any problem. Another point for choosing a harder cup is that you can have strong inner muscles in which the Soft cup had difficult time to open. This is the main advantage of harder cups.

But of course, there are some negatives. If you are very sensitive to the bladder it will seem that a harder cup can push on bladder wall and you tend to go more often to „pee“.

Another negative: It can be tricky to take the cup out if you try to remove the vacuum that formed there during the insertion. In case of using Classic cups, I recommend using the inner muscles as if you are going to make ,,poo or number2,,. You can "push" the cup by using the inner muscles to the

edge of the vaginal entrance so that you can reach it easily, empty it, clean it, and insert it again without difficulties. Most important thing is not to stress at all. Once you are not relaxed, your inner muscles will be in cramped and you will not take the cup out. Please just relax!

I wish you a successful choice of the right Cup.

Zuzana - YUUKI