V Praze, na adrese Tusarova 25 se červnu otevřela kamenná prodejna Kalíš


Die Verwendung der Tasse ist nach ein wenig Geduld während der ersten Einführungen bequem und schnell. Wir haben für Sie Tipps vorbereitet, die Ihnen die Anfänge mit der Tasse erleichtern.


I admit that I was first drawn to the Yuuki menstrual cup because of the name and its likeness to something Japanese sounding. As a lover of all things from the East, it made me curious. However, the Yuuki is not from that part of the globe at all – it’s actually from the Czech Republic, while the cup itself is made from German medical-grade silicone.

Sie schrieb über nas

So, to my surprise, I got my  in the mail today. All the way from Czech! My mailman even had to ring my doorbell and have me sign for it. I love that... Mostly because I never get mail. Ha!