Using our cups pays off

Besides the convenience and feeling of freedom, our cups also have another considerable advantage compared to pantyliners and tampons, and that is the money you save.

Pantyliners and tampons are used only once and you have to keep buying them. You probably know how much you spend on them. But try to calculate how much that would be over five years, for example.

Quick return on your investment

The return on the money you invest in a cup is just 5-8 months. But the most important thing is that the cup really does last for a long time. You can easily use the same cup for 10 years. After all, it is made from medical-grade silicone, which is routinely implanted into the human body.

Basically, one cup can replace thousands of pantyliners and tampons. It is estimated that each woman produces around 600 kg of this non-recycled waste.

Try a menstrual cup and with the money you save you can treat yourself to something nice or use the money for something else. You’re sure to come up with something. Choose your cup in our e-shop.


Perhaps you’ve decided to try a menstrual cup but are not sure which cup size is ideal for you? Here’s the answer.


The YUUKI menstrual cup is made from liquid silicone rubber. This advanced material is used in many sectors of human activity. In healthcare, it is used for components which come in direct contact with the human organism.