Review from Bimini

We recieved very nice review from Bimini


i have been a loyal user of the diva cup for over 10 yrs now, and just cannot go back to tampons anymore, or pads.

however, the one problem i always had with my diva is the difficulty it has opening up inside me. my diva was coming to the end of its life and i knew i had to get a new one, but finally it occured to me, maybe not all cups are so hard to open. i started doing my research, and quickly found that yuuki had top scores when it came to ease of opening and that was because of its firmness. i ordered the classic cup in large size with the infuser, on your ebay site. it got there super quick.

i awoke at 1 in the morning, to find my period had come, 8 days early. so i decided to go ahead and try the yuuki. even half asleep, it went in and opened, completely effortlessly. but i needed to trim much of the stem, which is normal for me. after trimming, i put it in again. i literally couldnt believe how easy it was for it to go in and be open. within 1 second, it was turning freely inside me when i checked it, didnt feel it when it was in at all. the first time, i kept checking its position, cause i am used to having to check, recheck and readjust the diva. but i have finally figured it out, it goes in instantly and is in the proper position, the first time, effortlessly.

i really cannot thank you enough. i have gone all night now, not even a hint of leakage. i am so happy. a truly outstanding product that i will recommend to everyone! by the way, is your “ soft” as pliable as the diva, or is it a bit firmer ?

warm regards all the way from canada