L‘utilisation de la coupe, après un peu de patience lors des premières tentatives d‘insertion, est pratique et rapide. Nous avons préparé pour vous quelques conseils pour vous aider à bien utiliser votre coupe.


I admit that I was first drawn to the Yuuki menstrual cup because of the name and its likeness to something Japanese sounding. As a lover of all things from the East, it made me curious. However, the Yuuki is not from that part of the globe at all – it’s actually from the Czech Republic, while the cup itself is made from German medical-grade silicone.

On parle de nas

So, to my surprise, I got my  in the mail today. All the way from Czech! My mailman even had to ring my doorbell and have me sign for it. I love that... Mostly because I never get mail. Ha!

On parle de nas

After my fright with both my Si-Bell cups, I decided I definitely wanted a more firm cup, ahum, make that a very firm cup! My next cup certainly would not be allowed to do ! (: