V-Label certificate

We are always striving to improve and provide better service and transparency in our products. We are often asked if our cup is vegan. YES, it is.

The YUUKI menstrual cup is now registered with the Vegan Society (international vegan association). This means that the Yuuki cup does not contain any ingredients of animal origin, nor has it ever been tested on animals. The Vegan Society brand applies very strict standards in relation to animal testing.

The Vegan Society will not grant its mark to products with a fixed or rolling cut-off date for testing. No testing on any type of animal may be carried out in order for a product to be labelled. Also, testing of individual ingredients, excipients and other substances used for processing is not allowed if they are carried out specifically for the final product.

Products are considered vegan if they are not of animal origin and have not been used or added to the product at any stage of production and processing:

- Ingredients (including additives, flavourings, fragrances, flavourings and enzymes)
- Excipients
- Substances which are not additives but are used in the same way and for the same purpose as excipients in processed or unprocessed form, which are of animal origin.