Yuuki cup Classic Large, aka "the big rock", review

I love my Yuuki Classic small! That's why I bought the large! That doesn't sound all too logical does it? Let me explain. 

I really do love my Yuuki Classic small. I do. The only thing is, that on heavier flow days, I noticed that I leaked a bit :O (luckily I wore a cloth pad as back-up!). I could not understand as my cup was only filled up to the safety line, which sits below the air-holes. I had no clue why I then could possibly leak and at the time I also did not yet know that Yuuki has a website where you can find contact information and ask questions. On a fb-page about menstrual cups, I then discovered, to my great relief!, that it might be that my cervix sat in my cup during those heavy days. It is quite possible that this is the answer since your cervix can move up and down during your entire menstrual cycle! The lovely people on the page also suggested when such a thing happens, you can always try the larger version of the cup you already have the small one in on those heavy days. I decided to go for it, because it would not only be great for me if the larger version would be leakproof, it would also make for a great review to help those of you having the same kind of issue! :D

Reviewing the Yuuki, I found it very important to be able to tell you something about their website, so I checked it out and I have to say that I really love it! I got the feeling that they really care about providing women with the best possible menstrual cup they can and that they also want to help you, giving clear information. I also contacted the Yuuki cup company, because I wanted to ask them if it was possible to be able to buy the Economic in the two-pack offer, since on the website they only offer that option for the Classic and the Soft. I really wanted to do a review on the Economic, as it is fairly new and it might be great for all of you to be able to know more about it, so I e-mailed them to ask if this would be possible. They were really quick in replying! And very friendly! I was so amazed and happy because it confirmed my view I had gotten of them through their website. They genuinely seem to care about the menstrual health of women :D They told me it was okay to buy them like that, so I ordered the Economic small & large in a two-pack and then also the Yuuki Large Classic. This means I can review all of them as well as compare them for you! :D Thank you very much Yuuki cup company!!!

About the large Yuuki Classic:

  • made of very firm, high-grade medical silicone
  • comes in an infuser made of hard plastic
  • very firm cup
  • 4 pronounced grip rings at the base
  • 4 grip rings on the stem
  • flexible and hollow stem
  • height of the cup is 75 mm (stem included)
  • external diameter is 47 mm
  • holds 25 ml to the safety ring (just beneath the air suction release holes)
  • holds 37 ml up to the rim


The Yuuki Classic comes with an infuser box to instead of a cotton pouch. An infuser?

It's a plastic box especially designed to be used in the microwave to boil, and thus sterilize!, your menstrual cup. In the microwave, the box lets steam escape through the Yuuki holes in the top. When your not wearing your cup, you can also store your Yuuki in this box. Thanks to the Yuuki holes in the top, it is not airtight, so no nasty things can develop and your cup is safely stored until your next period!

The Yuuki infuser box is 3.75” tall and 2.5” wide. It holds approximately 250ml. On the box itsself are the instructions for how many water you need to boil your cup (varies for the small and large) and on which wattage you have to put your microwave.

The infuser is available in two colours, kelly green, and a dark reddish-pink (strawberry-like).

My opinion

Dry run

Omgee, when my Yuuki's arrived, I just had to boil them right away and try them out like yesterday!

Here you can see them boiling merrily all 4 of them together (small & large Classic and small & large economic)

Image 0

I was so excited that, after having boiled them, I immediately put in the Yuuki Classice Large! I have to say that I was happily shocked how easy it was to insert while not being on my period. It did not hurt and it slid in like it was nothing :D Once inside, it popped open very easily. Compared to the small, I could feel it was there, but it was not a painful feeling or anything like I had been a little bit afraid of, since I'm really tight, but it was not a hinderance or anything and easily to ignore. The only thing that did bother me though, and you may be able to guess, is its stem. Oh, I really don't like it. I tried, and I tried again, but in vain. It stabs me and it hurts and it's hollow and it traps thingies inside it (like water and bodily fluids) and not all of them are easy to get out. Now, obviously, I could trim it, but I just need it to get my cup out, so I will only do so if I can't get over my discomfort with it. Will give it another go next month : )

Exam period :p

This was my first ever exam period in which I wore a menstrual cup so I was extremely excited :D

One of the facts I love menstrual cups so much is namely that when you have no access to a bathroom for a longer period of time, or you do not want to be worrying about having to change or even leaking due to circumstances, with a menstrual cup you totally achieve this goal and can truly be relaxed and worry free, which is ideal when you have to sit exams! In total I had 12 exams, of which 7 during my period. I felt so lucky that cups exist and that I could try out a large one, which would sure keep me safe until after I finished my exam(s) for the day.

With my period I cannot really predict which day will be heavy. It's always kind of a guess. One morning, I found myself in for a dilemma: I had not bled much the day before, nor during the night, and neither preparing myself to leave for uni to sit my exam. I did not know if I'd better wear no cup, a small cup or a large cup. I did not want to overdo it, but since I like to be safe and you may never know, I went with my gut-feeling and wore the large Yuuki Classic.

During my exam I felt so at ease, because I did not have to worry about my period thanks to my cup. I can therefore highly recommend wearing one during your exams! The only thing about the Yuuki, luckily not too much during my exam, was as you can already guess, again its stem. As soon as I stood up after having finished my exam, it started poking me. I went to the toilet to readjust its position, but outside it started to poke me again. But that being said, when I finally had returned home, I took my cup out and big was my surprise: it was half full :O I was so happy. I hadn't noticed a thing during my exam, while if I would have decided to wear no cup or the small, I would probably have had some kind of panicking moment during my exam as to whether I had leaked or not. So I daresay the large Yuuki Classic has passed its exam :D

One word of caution though. The large Yuuki Classic is really large and really firm. I can recommend it, but please be sure you really are sure about your cervix hight and that you like to try a very firm cup first. Also, if you are having really bad cramps you might be able to feel it. I was having really bad cramps one day and I just had to take it out. However, I could not bear much that day, except for a heat pack. I tried the Organicup as I had some studying to do and did not want to deal with feeling bloody (heavy day!). I found it sitting in my purse as my emergency cup and that one, I felt less, but that said, it is so soft that most of the time it is too soft for me, so I'm quite sure it's not the Yuuki's fault :) If you have a sensitive bladder, this also might not be the cup for you, because I heard that firm cups add too much pressure on your bladder, luckily not having one myself.

Would I recommend the Yuuki Classic Large:

I would! It's a lovely cup with great silicone. It makes you feel safe if you do not want to worry about overflowing your cup in an especially unwanted time and it easily pops open.

More information: http://livelaughlovelifediaries.weebly.com/blog/yuuki-classic-large-review-the-big-rock-under-construction