Watch out for copies of our cups

Not every cup that looks like Yuuki is Yuuki. Unfortunately, we came across Chinese websites that offer at first glance exactly the same cups.

We have even discovered that this company provides to its customers with instructions for cleaning the cup with our photos. Even though their products look like ours, they are not our cups and they have nothing in common with our Yuuki brand.

We do not recommend buying these cups. It's not just about unauthorized copying of our products, but you do not have any proven information about their health. You do not know what kind of material and under what conditions it is made. You can read about Yuuki's medical silicone cups in our "What's Made of a Cup" article.

The menstrual cups are still a hygienic aid that comes in contact with your body, so be careful to consider choosing them and do not be tempted by a seemingly low price.

Our original Yuuki Cups can be found in our e-shop.

Today we found out another company that very much copies our Rainbow Cups. Unfortunately, they also named them Rainbow and so it can be very confusing for you.

Again, these are unauthorized copies of our products. There is no information about material or production.

Our cups names are: Rainbow Jolly or Rainbow Line. Depands on the color set. Another mark of our cup is name on the cup – YUUKI and hollow stem.

Our original Yuuki Cups can be found in our e-shop.

Be sure, you are getting original YUUKI Cup from our partners.