Replace uncomfortable tampons and pads with a menstrual cup

Want to feel good during your days? Reach for a menstrual cup and enjoy every day to the fullest. 98% of women who have tried a cup would never go back to pads and tampons.

The main advantages of the cup

·         Convenience and freedom - total comfort when travelling, playing sports and other activities

·         Safety - no risk of infection, allergic reaction or toxic shock syndrome

·         Reliability - without fear of leakage and unpleasant odour

·         Saves money - no need to buy sanitary products over and over again, initial investment is returned within 5-8 months

·         Long life - lasts 5 to 15 years with proper use

·         Environmentally friendly - one cup replaces thousands of disposable pads and tampons

How does the cup work?

The principle is simple - you insert the cup into the vagina, where it spreads and collects menstrual blood. The cup is held inside and does not move, it is held in place by vaginal muscles and a slight vacuum. When needed, the cup is pulled out by pulling on the bottom, rinsed and reinserted.

The cup is made of the highest quality medical grade silicone. The smooth surface of the cup is more expensive, but more hygienic. The Yuuki cup does not contain dyes or phthalates and is health-safe, which we prove with public certificates.

Introducing and changing the cup

Using the cup is comfortable and quick after a little patience during the first introductions. The most basic rule of thumb is to be relaxed, then just fold the cup over and squat down to insert. Once in place, it will find the right spot on its own. It takes a little practice and you will see that it is not difficult.

Everyone's experience is different, but the cup should last you anywhere from 3 to 10 hours just fine. On stronger days, empty the cup more often, on light periods it can last up to 12 hours. When changing the cup, wash with water and reinsert.

You may now be wondering how to change the cup when you are travelling and a toilet with a sink is out of sight. Take a bottle of water with you and rinse the cup or wipe it with toilet paper or a wet wipe. But don't forget to wash the cup as soon as you can.

Check out our detailed instructions before you start using the cup.

Which size to choose?

We refer to the cups as 1 (smaller) and 2 (larger). We recommend the smaller cup for girls and women before giving birth. For women after childbirth or with regular sexual intercourse and women over 28 years of age, a larger cup will suit.

The exact size of the cup cannot be determined, we are all different. If you are not sure, choose a larger cup. If it's too big, you can save it for later and buy a smaller one. Compare cup sizes to get a better idea.

Whether you choose a smaller cup or a larger cup, you don't have to worry about being uncomfortable or being squeezed. Most of our female customers are surprised at how comfortable it is and don't know it at all. The hardest part is overcoming unnecessary fears and preconceptions.

Watch out for the right hardness

And because we are all really different, we are the first on the market to offer cups not only in two sizes, but also in different variations of silicone hardness, called shore. It's up to you which one you choose:

● Classic - the harder cups with a hardness of 60 are used by sporty women with a firm pelvic floor. If you are very sensitive to the bladder, it may not suit you. On the other hand, they are easier to handle, which may help you especially in the beginning.

● Soft - we added the softer cups with a hardness of 40 at the request of our female customers. They are ideal for more sensitive women who may find the harder cup uncomfortable to remove. The Rainbow range even has a hardness of only 35.

What are the holes and the stopper for?

Our cups feature four slanted holes at the top and a long stem at the bottom. Both are important for comfortable use of the cup.

The holes are used to open the cup properly and create a vacuum when it is inserted. If the cup is overfilled up to the holes, the liquid will start to leak through the holes. The slanted holes are the best solution for the cup because it takes a little longer to flow through than a cup with traditional holes. The fluid has to travel a longer distance.

The stem makes the cup easy to grasp and pull out by the bottom. The long stem is easy to handle compared to other shapes (e.g. marbles). Over time, you can trim it to a length that suits you. The stem of the cup is hollow and perfect cleaning can sometimes be a challenge, but it is more pliable and softer than a full stem.

Cup maintenance

It is important to keep the cup clean and to disinfect it regularly. When in use, you should wash the cup daily with warm water and unscented soap. You should also take care to clean the holes in the cup, the best way to clean them is with a narrow brush.

You should boil the cup for 5-10 minutes before the start of each period. Use our unique Infuser Box for convenient disinfection at home and on the go. After cleaning and sterilizing, place the cup in a clean cloth bag or breathable box.

I want to try it

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