MIX - two menstrual cups SOFT (1x smaller, 1x bigger)

MIX - two menstrual cups SOFT (1x smaller, 1x bigger)

Set of modern women’s sanitary aids, so you can be sure of perfect comfort during your period. This convenient pack gives you two Soft cups suitable for more sensitive women - one smaller and one larger.

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Within the European Union:
Goods will be sent within 3 working days after recieving the payment. The normal delivery time is 5-10 business days.

Outside the European Union:
We ship the goods from the Czech Republic to the whole world within 3 days after recieving the payment. It is necessary to expect a longer delivery time outside the EU – The usual time is 15 to 30 days.

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Comparison of Classic and Soft / small and large
First cleaning, washing during menstruation and storage
Cup insertion and removal
Cups folding
Cup stem
Cleaning the dark cup
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Fit great! Much better than ones I have used before.
This is an amazing cup.. perfect fit..
Have used it only for 1 cycle yet, had a good experience. I used the Big cup on the first 2 days of my cycle when my four is pretty heavy. I then switched to the smaller cup for the rest of the days. Both cups were pretty easy to insert, I used the seven fold or the punchdown fold which has very small insertion points. They are quite firm and pop open pretty easily. Suitable for high cervix, you can cut the stem according to your preference. Loved the cup. Would recommend to others
  • Very easy to insert. pops open very easily as the cups are quite firm.
  • Did not have to manuever to get it to seal well.
  • Can distinctly feel and hear the cups pop open.
  • Like the small brush and the infuser set.
  • Minor leaks but I suspect it could be due to improper positioning.
  • Very strong suction for the big cup especially while removing but I guess that’s one of the reasons it gives a good seal so can’t complaint.
Hello! It's my first cup. I'm 35 y.o. So i bought two sizes because i wasn't sure. It took 2-3 periods for me to get used to my cup. I tried the smaller one, i was feeling its tail until i've shortened it. Now i enjoy my Yuuki cup. Also i use the bigger one when i have heavy day. I don't want come back to pads anymore. But sometimes i use them, if my cup is already full, i just empty it and put in box, because it's very hard to insert it back in our office WC. And i think about bacteries... So the rest of the day i have to use pad. Generally yuuki cup changed my life. Thank you!
  • Hard enough, very comfortable to insert
  • Box for desinfection. No need to invent how to prepare my cup for period.
  • Now i know how much i lose every day.
  • No skin irritation, no chafing
  • I don't see my blood all day long.
  • I'm dry all the day.
  • I can do all everyday activities including cycling anf dancing
  • I had to learn how to use it, severeal time i've hurt myself a little and got very angry :)
  • Sometimes i need additional everyday pad to be sure when it is time to empty my cup.
  • (+) Sometimes i forget that i have period :)
So far, they have been great. I used the larger one with my last period and it's comfortable and easy to use. I will have to trim the tail as it's a bit long for me, but I'm in no rush. Great product! Fast delivery, and I love that there are two sizes and a sterilizing cup.
Im really LOVE this cup. I oreder 2 sizes, but use only L. I think that next time i definitely will try small size. Its very simple to prepare and use this cup. Its medium soft. For me its good. I didn't fel cup inside my body. 100% protectoin. Hily recomend
This cap is my first cap, which was recommended by my sister, who liked it the most among all the different caps she tried. I chosen this package to understand which size is for me, very useful. Unfortunately, it’s my first cap and I can’t compare it to any one.
  • Nice colour, it’s not just transparent but have some tint.
Since I had never used a menstrual cup before and wasn't sure what size I needed, I liked this product because you could get both sizes at a reduced price.
  • Less frequent changing compared to tampons
  • no discomfort (once you get used to inserting it)
  • environmentally friendly
  • more than one size depending on your flow
  • It does feel uncomfortable the first few times you try inserting it (they recommend practicing before you have your period)
  • The little suction holes can get old blood stuck in them but if you clean it well then it's fine
The best mentrual protection I have had so far. When I got it, it looked a bit scary and I had a little problem with application, but the second time I used it the problem disappeared and now I love it!
  • If you have problems with constant infections, it will help you to get rid of them (if you use it as the instruction tells you to).
  • It is really comfortable.
  • You can forget that you have period.
  • It's true - the cramps almost disappear.
  • None
I'm 31. So the most useful cup for me is bigger one. But sometimes it leaks. Especially it can happen in first three days of cycle when very flowing. May be because of big holes... The smaller cup is very comfortable and soft (softer then bigger one). I use it after the forth day of cycle - absolutely insensibly.
  • Useful set even if you have children, both sizes can be used; high quality; cup for disinfection in microwave
  • oven
  • Sometimes leaks, the bigger one is not so soft as small cup
Very good!

Which sizes are available and which of them should I order?

Yuuki offers two sizes. One for women who have already given birth and one for women under 28 years of age who have not yet given birth. The Yuuki cups come in two sizes: No. 1 - small and No. 2 - big. The difference between the small and big cups is one of the biggest differences among those offered by cup manufacturers.

You can find the sizes on our blog .

What is the useful life of the cup?

Most manufacturers state ten years. Theoretically, it can last till the end of one’s life because it is made of the same type of silicone as that implanted during surgery. It is up to you whether to purchase a new cup. We provide a two-year warranty on the Yuuki cup.

How often do I have to empty the cup?

It depends on your period. The intensity of every woman’s menstrual flow varies. If your menstruation is average to heavy, you should empty the cup every 3 to 10 hours. Some women with very low menstruation may even go 12 hours before emptying the cup.

On heavier menstruation days, you may have to empty your cup more often. If you have tried already the big cup and have seen that you have to empty it every three hours, you have an extremely heavy period. That need not be a problem but you should discuss it with your doctor. There are means of controlling such heavy menstruation.

How can I see that the cup is in the correct position and fits tightly?

Never insert the cup right up. The vagina is angled toward the rectum, so incline the cup in that direction. To check whether it fits tightly, grasp the stem and try to turn the cup or run your finger over the rim to check that it is oval in shape.

If you are able to turn the cup, it does not fit tightly. Try to move it carefully up and down. A little air should enter to seal the cup.

Can I take a bath or shower with the cup?

Yes, you can.

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