CLASSIC menstrual cup

A modern women’s sanitary aid to guarantee perfect comfort during your period. The Classic cup is made from harder silicon (shore 60) and is easier to handle – it opens easily after you insert it and also retains its shape when you take it out. Suitable mainly for sporty women with a stronger pelvic floor. You can choose from two sizes - larger and smaller.  

Package contents

  • one CLASSIC menstrual cups (larger or smaller - the choice is yours),
  • INFUSER BOX disinfecting box,
  • packaging with instructions,
  • and a free gift - a small brush for easy cleaning holes


Within the European Union:
Goods will be sent within 3 working days after recieving the payment. The normal delivery time is 5-10 business days.

Outside the European Union:
We ship the goods from the Czech Republic to the whole world within 3 days after recieving the payment. It is necessary to expect a longer delivery time outside the EU – The usual time is 15 to 30 days.

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No. 1 - smaller cup (suitable for women before giving birth)
No. 2 - larger cup (suitable for women after giving birth)
€ 19,90

The Classic cup is one of the hardest cups on the market.

Instructions for use of the cup - HERE (.pdf - 1,50 MB )
Assessed 19 users
This is the first cup I’ve used in years that does exactly what it is supposed to do.
  • Opens easily and leak free.
  • Wish it had more solid color options but it is a great cup.
Great product, wish I’d bought it ages ago
  • Capacity, opens immediately
  • Stem a bit annoying but can be trimmed
I have tried many different menstrual cups over the years, including MeLuna, Diva, and Fleur. Yuuki is hands down the best one I've tried. I need a firm cup, and Yuuki was the answer I was looking for. It almost never fails to open. The quality is good, as well. I am a loyal Yuuki customer!
  • Good quality
  • Firm material
  • No negatives!
It made my period days so much better. It easily opens and doesn't leak unless it's full. It has large capacity. I had recommended it to my friends as well and one of them recently ordered and is very happy with it.
  • Me encanta la firmeza de la Yuuki Classic, me asegura que abre completamente.
Great cup! My fourth menstrual cup and the first one that doesn't leak, even on my heavy days. I was warned it would be very firm but it wasn't as firm as I was prepared for it to be but firm enough to keep up with my active lifestyle.
  • No leaks, finally!!
  • None at present time :)
this is the cup that finally fits me because it is harder and suitable for strong pelvic muscles.
  • easily opens
i've already tried two other cups but yours is the first one that fitted my anatomy well and i really can't complain about anything. i'm very satisfied. thank you.
I have tried other cups before without luck - way too soft! Did my research and was happy to learn of the Yuuki classic. From the first time I used I couldn’t have been happier. There was a bit of a mix up with the order but the Yuuki team were total pro’s - quick to respond and remedy. Can’t recommend this product enough.
  • Firm and NO LEAKAGE!
As soon as I inserted it I felt a much better seal form than I had ever felt with any other cup. Definitely experiencing less leaks.
  • Better seal. Less leaks.
  • Can be uncomfortable when removing due to lack of flexibility.
So far I've only used it for one period but i didnt have any leaks, found it easy to use and clean. Was worried about it being too firm but it's totally fine. Feels more secure that way
  • No leaks
  • Firm
  • Secure
  • Easy to clean
  • None so far
I got the Yuuki cup after having problems with my Moon cup leaking (I purchased my Moon cup before my two pregnancies). After some reading I decided that I needed a firmer cup with a larger capacity, which is exactly what this cup is. The delivery of the product was fast and the cup itself is exactly what I expected. I have still had some leaking but it is definitely less than previously and only on the first day when my flow is the heaviest.
  • Larger capacity. Less leakage for heavy flow after pregnancy.
  • It is a VERY firm cup. Folding and inserting does take a bit more effort than for the softer cups.
The best cup i've been using. I have strong pelvic muscles, so the yuuki cup is the one who always "stays in the right place" without being unconfortable. Very happy with the purchase.
  • Very good quality silicone and it is the right cup for women with strontg pelvic muscles.
  • Love the sterelizing cup for the mocrowave as well!
  • easy to use, great cup.
Great product, fast shipping, excellent service. Thank you very much.
Menstrual cup is awesome. Easy and comfortable to wear all day. Finally I don't have to change tampons every hour or two
Love my cup it's my first and it's great makes things a little bit easier on me +++ Is very comfortable --- I tend to have a very heavy flow and with my cup in I have to change it every hour or 2 max and I'm usually leaking :/ so have to find bathrooms with sinks by the toilet to wash up
Which sizes are available and which of them should I order?

Yuuki offers two sizes. One for women who have already given birth and one for women under 28 years of age who have not yet given birth. The Yuuki cups come in two sizes: No. 1 - small and No. 2 - big. The difference between the small and big cups is one of the biggest differences among those offered by cup manufacturers.

You can find the sizes on our blog .

It seems very big! Is it painful to insert and remove?

If you do it correctly and carefully, it should not be painful. Women who have not yet had sexual intercourse may have some problems at the beginning, but they will pass with time. The vagina is able to stretch to allow a baby’s head to pass through it, and the cup is many times smaller. When inserting the cup, you can lubricate it with water or with lubricating gel. When inserting the cup, press its bottom to release the vacuum and take it out carefully.

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How often do I have to empty the cup?

It depends on your period. The intensity of every woman’s menstrual flow varies. If your menstruation is average to heavy, you should empty the cup every 3 to 10 hours. Some women with very low menstruation may even go 12 hours before emptying the cup.

On heavier menstruation days, you may have to empty your cup more often. If you have tried already the big cup and have seen that you have to empty it every three hours, you have an extremely heavy period. That need not be a problem but you should discuss it with your doctor. There are means of controlling such heavy menstruation.


With a little patience, inserting the cup is comfortable and quick, even during the first few times. We’ve prepared a few tips for you to make it easier to start using the cup.


Perhaps you’ve decided to try a menstrual cup but are not sure which cup size is ideal for you? Here’s the answer.


The YUUKI menstrual cup is made from liquid silicone rubber. This advanced material is used in many sectors of human activity. In healthcare, it is used for components which come in direct contact with the human organism.

Finančně výhodný
Financial benefit
the amount used to get the cup will return within 5-8 months at the maximum
Zdravotně nezávadný
Medical grade silicon
with certificates - no risk of infection, allergic reaction or toxic shock syndrome
Vhodný pro sport a cestování
No Limitation
absolute comfort of use, suitable for sports and activities of all kinds
the Czech silicone cup has a lifetime of 5 to 15 years